Six found guilty of match fixing in Sweden

Channel News Asia/Reuters

A Swedish court of appeal has found six men, including three former players of the Kristianstads FF club, guilty of match fixing after one of the players admitted his involvement.

Two men found guilty of bribing the players to influence the outcome of games between October 2013 and June 2015 were given jail terms of 12 and 14 months, while the players themselves and another man involved in bribing them were placed on probation.

The ruling overturned an earlier district court verdict.

One of the players admitted to having received a bribe while the others denied any involvement, with the court deciding that the first player was telling the truth.

“The player is credible. His story contains elements which according to custom are necessary for a guilty verdict…, court president Lennart Svensaeter said in a media release.

“Additionally, his information was supported by other evidence, which strengthens the impression of trustworthiness.”

The two men found guilty of bribing the players have also been ordered to pay fines totalling the amount they won gambling on the outcome of a fixed game in October 2013.

(Reporting by Philip O’Connor; editing by Clare Lovell)


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