Global Data-sharing for Effective Investigation and Prosecution in Match-Fixing Cases: Taking it from the locker room into the hands of law enforcement

On 15 April 2015, a Special Event was organized by UNODC and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS).

On 15 April 2015, a Special Event was organized by UNODC and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS). The event was opened by the Executive Director of UNODC, the Secretary-General of the Thirteenth Congress and the President of the International Centre for Sport Security, in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior of Qatar. During the event, a memorandum of understanding between UNODC and the International Centre was signed. The event brought together experts from international organizations, national experts, academics and experts from the sports community and the sports-betting field. The aim of the event was to foster dialogue on the need to develop multi-stakeholder approaches with a view to enhancing cooperation, including data sharing, at both the domestic and international levels to protect sports against match-fixing and illegal betting.

Speakers agreed that there was a growing interaction between the interests of sports organizations, society and the State (i.e. the general interest), and therefore the strengthening of a framework of complementarities and shared responsibilities was needed. There was discussion on the existing links between match-fixing and other criminal activities that were identified as additional challenges for investigators and law enforcement authorities. It was stressed that match-fixing needed to be addressed through tailor-made legislative responses and effective investigative powers, particularly in view of the interrelationship of match-fixing with organized crime, corruption and money-laundering. It was underlined that intelligence, the collection of data and the sharing of information were essential to effectively combating transnational organized criminal groups, which increasingly diversified their activities and were involved in match-fixing cases for profit and/or money-laundering purposes.

Watch the event on UN Web TV: Signing Ceremony | Panel Discussion | Remarks by Mr. Yury Fedotov
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Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


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