Países Baixos: Carta das Federações Desportivas sobre a legislação relativa ao jogo à distância

Thursday, June 23, the plenary of the Gaming Bill Remote on the agenda. To prepare for the debate, we will gladly send you input on behalf of NOC *...

Thursday, June 23, the plenary of the Gaming Bill Remote on the agenda. To prepare for the debate, we will gladly send you input on behalf of NOC * NSF, KNVB, Eredivisie (SCE) and First Division (CED).


The Dutch sport is working hard to keep competitions fair and reliable. Sports enthusiasts can rely on what they see in the sports arena. We are also positive about the modernization of the online gaming market  in our country and endorse the need to move quickly to proper regulation of a market that was previously in the dark. By issuing gambling licenses under bright conditions, there soon will be a clear separation between the legal and illegal gaming opportunities. Coupled with strict enforcement of the terms and actively combating the illicit supply fans will be able to place their bets in a reliable gaming environment.

Additional rules to ensure reliable and attractive bets are of vital importance. An attractive range of games begins with ensuring a fair bet. Sport therefore calls attention to the following;

Close susceptible to fraud bets from:

  • no negative elements of play and individually easy to influence game elements (yellow and red cards);
  • no competitions where regulatory control is missing or reporting (amateur competitions).

 Prevent fraud and match-fixing with:

  • Reliable code Game & Sponsorship;
  • obligation to report suspicious bets;
  • pooling of knowledge and supervision in specialized units at Gaming Authority.


From the entire sport (NOC * NSF, KNVB, SCE and CED) is the code  Reliable Games & Sponsorship prepared. This code provides a clear and honest collaboration between gambling operators and sports organizations. In a well-regulated market partnerships between sport and licensed gambling operators should be permitted as long as they do not affect the integrity of sport and enhance the sporting experience. Within the frameworks and legislation should be possible for licensed gambling operators to games of a sport (there), club, league or event he sponsors, to include in its game offerings.

We want to avoid sponsorship by a gambling provider unlawful influence and possible conflicts of interest, while the opportunities for sports and games of chance remain intact. The code is a careful balance between the interests of commercial opportunities for the sport and the protection of the game, the athlete and fan. Dutch sports with this code ready for legalization of online gambling. We call on politicians to code  Reliable game and sponsorship  support.


Gambling and sports are inseparable. Sports and -uitslagen be used to set up an attractive game offerings for consumers. The bill Remote Gaming (KOA) does not provide for a payment to sport.Given the use of sport is a (government) contribution to sport desirable. It is important that from online gambling also contribute to maintaining and strengthening our attractive and reliable sports culture. Give a part of online gaming revenues back to the sport, for example:

  • remittance to capture the sport by ministerial regulation;
  • or to allocate a portion of the gaming tax revenues to sport;
  • or through tax-contributions by enabling operators to the sport.

Letter federations to the Lower House regarding treatment Gaming Law on distance (KOA) |Arie Brown | Pulse | LinkedIn

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