How easy is it for kids to gamble online? VERY!

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How easy is it for kids to gamble online? VERY!

FIG. 2

There are thousands of Facebook apps that simulate casino games. Caesars Slots is one of the largest, with more than one million monthly users.

FIG. 3

With one click, a child can easily download the app to any smartphone or mobile device. This app is advertised as appropriate for ages 12+.

FIG. 4

However, the app terms of service claim intended use is for those 21 and over. Despite this warning, there is no age verification process beyond “self declaration” of age.

FIG. 5

The only barrier to download the app is knowledge of an iTunes Store password.

FIG. 6

Upon opening the app for the first time, players are encouraged to connect with Facebook to earn free coins.

FIG. 7

The games are designed to play with one touch and feature bright colors and a simple setup that’s very easy for children to understand and play.

FIG. 8

After only one spin, players are immediately bombarded with pop-up messages to get more coins. Pop-up messages include strong call-to-actions and sense of urgency, including a count-down clock.

FIG. 9

Players are then encouraged to purchase digital gaming coins. In essence, real money is now being used to gamble online.

FIG. 10

Purchasing digital coins is as simple as clicking “Buy.” There is no barrier to purchase since players have already signed into the iTunes Store.

Source: Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling


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