Argument Against Gambling

Anti Gambling Arguments Against Gambling
  • How easy is it for kids to gamble online? VERY!

    FIG. 1 How easy is it for kids to gamble online? VERY! FIG. 2 There are thousands of Facebook apps that simulate casino games. Caesars Slots is one of the largest, with more than one million monthly users. FIG. 3 With one click, a child can easily download the app...
  • Restore the Wire Act

    Since 1961, all gambling involving interstate telecommunications, including online gambling, has been prohibited by the Wire Act, which was originally written to strike at a major funding source for the mob. When the Internet emerged, illegal offshore online casinos flourished by targeting young Americans. Congress responded by enacting the...
  • Anti-Gambling Group Speaks Against Advertising

    This week, Governor Scott Walker proposed spending more money to advertise the Wisconsin Lottery, which has drawn a sharp reaction from a group opposed to more gambling. The state lottery’s proceeds go to property tax relief. Walker has proposed a 40 percent jump in advertising to $10.5 million dollars...

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