O curso de formação de Profissional de Banca de Casinos tem como objetivo final, que os formandos desenvolvam as competências necessárias ao exercício da profissão de PROFISSIONAL DE BANCA DE CASINO
  • Argument Against Gambling

    Argument Against Gambling

    “The best throw at dice is to throw them away.” —Mark Twain State-run lotteries are the most popular form of commercial gambling in the U.S., with half or more Americans participating in any given year. In 2003 total consumer spending on lotteries was nearly $45 billion or $155 per...
  • kids to gamble online

    How easy is it for kids to gamble online? VERY!

    FIG. 1 How easy is it for kids to gamble online? VERY! FIG. 2 There are thousands of Facebook apps that simulate casino games. Caesars Slots is one of the largest, with more than one million monthly users. FIG. 3 With one click, a child can easily download the app...
  • Restore the Wire Act

    Restore the Wire Act

    Since 1961, all gambling involving interstate telecommunications, including online gambling, has been prohibited by the Wire Act, which was originally written to strike at a major funding source for the mob. When the Internet emerged, illegal offshore online casinos flourished by targeting young Americans. Congress responded by enacting the...
  • Anti-Gambling Base

    Anti-Gambling Group Speaks Against Advertising

    This week, Governor Scott Walker proposed spending more money to advertise the Wisconsin Lottery, which has drawn a sharp reaction from a group opposed to more gambling. The state lottery’s proceeds go to property tax relief. Walker has proposed a 40 percent jump in advertising to $10.5 million dollars...

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